Home Theater Kit

Home Theater Kit

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INCLUDES: 200 ML bottle. Includes 8" x 8" microfiber waffle weave cloth.

The bigger the screen, the more you notice the spots, dust and everything else that flocks to the bright lights. Keep CleanScreen handy not only for your TVs but for all the devices at home that demand special care, such as computer monitors. Ordinary glass and window cleaners contain chemicals that can permanently damage polymer monitor screens, so don't take that chance — be safe and sound with CleanScreen!

Use CleanScreen™ with confidence on all the following products:

  • Flat-panel and rear-projection HDTVs
  • E-book readers (iPad, Kindle, Nook, etc.)
  • GPS navigation systems
  • Smart phones
  • Portable games
  • Cameras
  • Eyeglasses/sunglasses
  • Laptops and desktops
  • and the list keeps growing daily...

CleanScreen™ - The original screen cleaner.
CleanScreen™ is the original - we were the first company to clearly see the need for a cleaning formula that would thoroughly remove all the dirt without degrading the screen's surface. This is important, because many glass and window cleaners on the market today contain chemicals that can permanently damage polymer monitor screens. The CleanScreen formula of specially developed solvents is all-natural and non-abrasive, so you end up with just a clean, polished screen.